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Upstart Crow Bookstore & Coffeehouse

Located in Seaport Village, on beautiful San Diego Bay, Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse has been in business for over twenty years. We are very close to the San Diego Convention Center and just a few blocks from downtown. We get visitors and business travelers from across the country and around the world.

Our shop is filled with hundreds of interesting and unusual gifts, wonderful books, and of course, the fine aroma of freshly – brewed coffee. The atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. Our staff is friendly and helpful; good service is our specialty. Tables and chairs are scattered throughout the shop, so you are just arm’s length from your favorite authors. Customers may browse the shelves, enjoy a perfect cup of cappuccino or an ice-blended mocha and maybe a piece of home baked flan or cheesecake. Relax on the outdoor patio or read upstairs on our balcony overlooking the coffee bar.

Our name is a reference to William Shakespeare. It is said that the Bard’s contemporaries were jealous of his great success and popularity. Robert Greene (1560-1592), a minor playwright and poet was one such individual. In Greene’s play, “Groatsworth of Wit”, he slanders Shakespeare by calling him an “Upstart Crow.” This creative moniker has been around ever since. While Greene’s work has been forgotten, the legacy of his Upstart Crow has inspired countless generations.

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Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffeehouse
835 W. Harbor Drive, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 232-4855